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» Embassy of Greece (visit website)
» Hellenic Canadian Board of Trade (visit website)
» Greek National Tourist Organization (send email)
» Greek National Tourism Organization - CANADA - Facebook (visit website)
» Hellenic Foundation for Culture (visit website)
(currently no institutes in Canada)
» Canadian Hellenic Community of Edmonton and Region (visit website)
» Hellenic Society of Calgary (visit website)
» Victoria and Vancouver Island Hellenic Society (visit website)
» Greek Fest (visit website)
» Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC (visit website)
» Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC - Facebook (visit website)
» St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church (visit website)
» Russian Greek Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral (visit website)
» Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (visit website)
(Saint John)
» St. George's Greek Orthodox Church and Community Centre (visit website)
» Halifax Greek Festival (visit website)
» The Hellenic Community of Ottawa and District (visit website)
» Associations, Societies, Schools, Embassy & Community Information (visit website)
» Ottawa Greek Fest (visit website)
» Greek Community of Toronto (visit website)
» Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (visit website)
» The Hellenic Heritage Foundation (visit website)
» Hellenic Home for the Aged (visit website)
(Toronto, Scarborough)
» Pan-Macedonian Society of Ontario (visit website)
» Greek Community of Oshawa and District (visit website)
» Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal (visit website)
» Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal - Facebook (visit website)
» Montreal Greek Film Festival (visit website)
» Montreal Greek Film Festival - Facebook (visit website)
» Hellenic (Greek) Orthodox Community of Saskatoon (visit website)
» Greekpress.ca: Greek Canadian Community News (visit website)
» Greek Reporter Canada (visit website)
(Greeks abroad; online)
» Tα Ελληνοκαναδικά Nεα - The Greek Canadian News (visit website)
» Gnome: Monthly Greek Canadian Newspaper (visit website)
(Western Canada; online)
» BHMA: The Greek Canadian Tribute (visit website)
(Montreal; online)
» Hellenic Canadian News (visit website)
(Toronto; online)
» Montreal Greek Radio and Television - Facebook (visit website)
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