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» Embassy of Ireland (visit website)
» Ireland-Canada Chambers of Commerce (visit website)
» Irish-Canada Centre for Commerce - Calgary (visit website)
» Irish-Canada Centre for Commerce - Montreal (visit website)
» Irish-Canada Centre for Commerce - Toronto (visit website)
» Irish-Canada Centre for Commerce - Ottawa (visit website)
» Tourism Ireland Canada (visit website)
» Tourism Ireland Canada - Facebook (visit website)
» Newfoundland and Labrador's Partnership with the Republic of Ireland - The Ireland Business Partnerships (IBP) (visit website)
» Culture Ireland (visit website)
(currently no institutes in Canada)
» Irish Cultural Society (visit website)
» The Irish Heritage Society of Canada (visit website)
» Rogue Folk: Live Folk, Roots & Celtic Music in Vancouver (visit website)
» Irish Association of Manitoba - Facebook (visit website)
» Irish Society of Western Manitoba (visit website)
» Irish Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick (visit website)
» Canada's Irish Festival (visit website)
» Comhaltas Saint John (visit website)
» Ireland Newfoundland Partnership (INP) (visit website)
» Festival of the Sea (visit website)
» Newfoundland & Labrador Rose of Tralee (visit website)
(Trinity Bay)
» Town of Tilting (visit website)
» An Cumann: The Irish Association of Nova Scotia (visit website)
» The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax, Nova Scotia (visit website)
» Irish Society of the National Capital Region (visit website)
» SFH Irish Dance Studio (visit website)
» Irish Canadian Cultural Centre (visit website)
» Ottawa Gaels Gaelic Football Club (visit website)
» Ottawa Irish Rugby Club (visit website)
» Rose of Tralee (visit website)
» St. Patrick's Home of Ottawa Inc. (visit website)
» The Tara Players Theatre of Ottawa (visit website)
» Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (visit website)
» Brampton Irish Centre (visit website)
» Durham Irish Association (visit website)
» Irish Choral Society (visit website)
» Irish Society of Toronto (visit website)
» Irish Cultural Society of Toronto (visit website)
» O'Connor House (visit website)
» Irish Set Dancing in Toronto (visit website)
» Celtic Dance Centre (visit website)
» Butler-Fearon-O'Connor School of Irish Dance (visit website)
» Toronto Board of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) (visit website)
» Additional Gaelic football clubs (visit website)
» Emerald Isles Senior Society (visit website)
» Canadian Celtic Arts Association (visit website)
» The Ireland Supporters Club of Mississauga (visit website)
» Irish Claddagh Club of Barrie and District (visit website)
» Irish Canadian Club of Hamilton (visit website)
» Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (visit website)
» Quinte Irish Canadian Society (visit website)
» Irish Heritage Festival of PEI (visit website)
» Ancient Order of Hibernians In Canada (visit website)
» Chateauguay & Valley Irish Heritage Association (visit website)
» St. Patrick's Society of Montreal (visit website)
» Richmond St. Patrick's Society (visit website)
» Irish Club of Regina (visit website)
» The Celtic Connection (visit website)
(Western Canada; subscription)
» The Gaelic Hour (visit website)
(Ottawa; online radio)
» Irish Connections Canada (visit website)
(nationwide; subscription, online)
» Irish-Canada Centre for Commerce - Vancouver (visit website)
» Irish-Canada Centre for Commerce - Edmonton (visit website)
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