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» Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania (visit website)
» The International Cultural Programme Centre (visit website)
(currently no institutes in Canada)
» Baltic Federation in Canada (visit website)
» The Lithuanian Canadian Community (visit website)
» Other Lithuanian Institutions, Organizations, Associations and Groups (visit website)
» Kanados Lietuviu Jaunimo Sajunga (visit website)
» Lithuanian Community of British Columbia (visit website)
» Lithuanian Community Ottawa (visit website)
» The Lithuanian Canadian Community – Toronto Chapter (visit website)
» Užsienio lietuviu kataliku sielovada (visit website)
» Atzalynas Cultural Arts and Folk Dance Group (visit website)
» Lithuanian Children and Youth Choir Gintareliai (visit website)
» Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home (visit website)
» Toronto Lithuanian School "Maironis" (visit website)
» Aušra Sports Club (visit website)
» Anapillis Christian Community Centre (visit website)
» Lithuanian Martyrs' Church (visit website)
» Hamilton Folk Dance Group "Gyvataras" (visit website)
» Montrealio Lietuviai (visit website)
» Tėviškės žiburiai: "The Lights of the Homeland" (visit website)
(nationwide; subscription)
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