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» Embassy of the Republic of Poland (visit website)
» Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce in Toronto (visit website)
» Instytut Adama Mickiewicza (visit website)
(currently no institutes in Canada)
» Polish Heritage in Canada (visit website)
(online resource)
» Canadian Polish Congress (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Millennium Fund (visit website)
» Association of Polish Engineers in Canada (visit website)
» Polish Heritage Foundation of Canada (visit website)
» Polish National Alliance of Canada (visit website)
» Polish Scouting Association in Canada (visit website)
» The Polish-Canadian Women's Federation (visit website)
» The Polish Combatants' Association in Canada (visit website)
» Polish Teachers Association of Canada (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Congress Alberta Branch (visit website)
» Polanie Polish Song & Dance Association (visit website)
» The Polish Club at the University of Calgary (visit website)
» Polonez: Polish Folk Arts Ensemble (visit website)
» Polish Community Centre (visit website)
» Polonez Folk Dance Ensemble (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Congress Manitoba Branch (visit website)
» Polish Museum Society "Ogniwo" (visit website)
» Sokol Polish Folk Ensemble (visit website)
» The Nova Scotia Society of Polish Artists (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Congress Kitchener District (visit website)
» Polish School Kitchener (visit website)
» White and Red Sailing Club (visit website)
» Polonia Alliance of Waterloo Region (visit website)
» Polish Eagles Soccer Club (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Congress London Branch (visit website)
» White Eagles Soccer Club (visit website)
» Polish National Association (visit website)
» Polski Klub Dyskusyjny (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Congress Mississauga Branch (visit website)
» John Paul II Polish-Canadian Cultural Centre (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Congress Ottawa (visit website)
» Polish Institute "Kaszuby" (visit website)
» Theatre Club of Ottawa (visit website)
» The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in Canada, Ottawa Branch (visit website)
» The Wilno Heritage Society (visit website)
» St. Hyacinth R. C. Polish Church (visit website)
» The Wiktor Podoski Polish School of Ottawa (visit website)
» White Eagles Sports Club (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Congress - Toronto District (visit website)
» The Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundation of Canada (visit website)
» Polish Students Association of Canada (PISK) (visit website)
» Polish Students' Society of the University of Ottawa (visit website)
» University of Toronto Polish Students' Association (visit website)
» McGill Polish Students Association (visit website)
» Silni Waira Goniec (visit website)
(nationwide; online)
» Panorama Polska (visit website)
» Gazeta Gazeta (visit website)
(Ontario; online)
» Zycie: Canadian Polish Weekly (visit website)
(Ontario; online)
» Truck 'N' Roll: Polish-Canadian Trucking Magazine (visit website)
» OMNITV (visit website)
» Polish Studio TV (visit website)
» Radio Polonia (visit website)
(Toronto; online)
» Additional media (visit website)
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