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» Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia (visit website)
» Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (visit website)
» Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport (visit website)
(currently no institutes in Canada
» Canadian Slovenian Congress (visit website)
» Canadian Slovenian Historical Society (visit website)
» Slovenian Community in Canada (visit website)
(Embassy in Ottawa)
» Canadian Slovenian Cultural Society (visit website)
» Slovenian Cultural Association: Sava Club (visit website)
» St. Gregory the Great Slovenian Church (visit website)
» Slovenski Park (visit website)
» Bled Planica Social Club (visit website)
(Stoney Creek)
» Slovenian Summer Camp (visit website)
» Holiday Gardens: Private Slovenian Country Club (visit website)
» Planica Hunting and Fishing Club (visit website)
(Hastings County)
» Windsor Slovenian Cultural Club “Zvon” (visit website)
» Dom Lipa: Slovenian Linden Foundation (visit website)
» Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (visit website)
» Glasilo Magazine (visit website)
(nationwide; online) [last issue 2011]
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