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» European Union Chamber of Commerce in Toronto (EUCOCIT) (visit website)
» EUNIC Cluster Details (Canada) (visit website)
» European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) (visit website)
» NEPOMAK Canada: Connecting Young Cypriots Worldwide (visit website)
» European Union Centres of Excellence and European Information Corners (visit website)
» European Union Delegation to Canada (visit website)


» Austrian Embassy (visit website)
(Responsibility: Jamaica, Canada; Consular: Northwest Territories)
» Consulate General of Austria - Austrian Business International (visit website)
» Austrian Cultural Forum Ottawa (visit website)
» Austrian Clubs in Canada (visit website)
(Austrian Embassy)
» Austrian Canadian Council (ACC) (visit website)
» German Canadian Directory Inc. (visit website)
» Austrian Cultural Forum Ottawa (visit website)
» Friends of Austria Ottawa Inc. (visit website)
» Continental Austrian Club Inc. (visit website)
» Alpine Club of Kitchener-Waterloo Inc. (visit website)
» Das Echo (visit website)
(nationwide; subscription)
» Neue Welt Online (visit website)
(Southwestern Ontario; subscription)
» The Hofbräuhaus News (visit website)
(Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec; online)
» GCNews (visit website)
(subscription service; magazines and newspapers from Germany)


» Embassy of Belgium (visit website)
» Chamber of Commerce Canada-Belgium-Luxembourg (visit website)
» Belgian Canadian Business Chamber (visit website)
» Canadian Association for the Progress of Dutch Studies (CAANS) (visit website)
» Union Francophone des Belges a l'étranger (visit website)
» Vlamingen in de wereld (visit website)
» Delhi Belgian Hall (visit website)
» Additional associations in Ontario (visit website)
(Embassy in Ottawa)


» Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria (visit website)
» Canadian Bulgarian Business Alliance (visit website)
» Bulgarian Canadian Business Directory (visit website)
» Bulgarian Schools and Churches in Canada (visit website)
(Bulgarian Business Directory)
» Bulgarite.ca (visit website)
(online resource)
» Association of Bulgarian Engineers in Canada (visit website)
» Additional associations in Canada (visit website)
(Consulate General in Toronto)
» St. Dimitar Bulgarian Orthodox Church (visit website)
» Bulgarian Community National Capital Region Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada (visit website)
» Bulgarian Students' Association University of Toronto (visit website)
» Bulgarian Folkdance Group Igranka (visit website)
» Bulgarian Arts Festival (visit website)
(Toronto, Ottawa)
» Bulgarian Arts Festival - Facebook (visit website)
» Makedonska Tribuna (visit website)
» Bulgarian Horizons Newspaper (visit website)
(nationwide; online)
» Bulgarian Flame (visit website)
(Toronto; online)


» Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus (visit website)
» Cypriot Organisations and Communities in Canada (visit website)
(Consulate General in Toronto)
» Cypriot Federation of Canada (CFC) (visit website)
» Cypriot Community of Toronto - Facebook (visit website)

Czech Republic

» Embassy of the Czech Republic (visit website)
» Canada-Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce (visit website)
» Czech and Slovak Association of Canada (visit website)
» Masaryk Memorial Institute (visit website)
» Nový Domov (visit website)
» Satellite (visit website)
(Toronto; online)
» Nova Vize (visit website)
(programme; Ontario)
» Additional Czech media in Canada (visit website)
(Embassy of Czech Republic in Ottawa)


» Embassy of Denmark (visit website)
» Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce (visit website)
» Danish Events Calendar (visit website)
(Danish Embassy)
» Additional Danish Clubs and Societies in Canada (visit website)
(Danish Embassy)
» Federation of Danish Associations in Canada (visit website)
» Canadian Nordic Society (visit website)
» Danes Worldwide (visit website)
» The Royal Danish Guard Societies in Foreign Countries (visit website)
» The Danish Club of Ottawa (visit website)
» Danish Lutheran Church of Toronto (visit website)
» Danish Lutheran Church of the Niagara Peninsula (visit website)
» Danish-Canadian Club of Kingston (visit website)
» Sunset Villa Association (visit website)


» Estonian Embassy (visit website)
» Estonian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (visit website)
» Baltic Federation in Canada (visit website)
» Estonian Foundation of Canada (visit website)
» Laste Suvekodu Jõekääru (visit website)
(Children's Summer Camp) (Udora)
» Estonian Documentary Film Festival (visit website)
» KUNGLA Estonian Folkdance Group (visit website)
» Estonian Schools in Toronto (visit website)
» Ottawa Estonian Society (visit website)


» Embassy of Finland (visit website)
» Canada Finland Chamber of Commerce (visit website)
» Canadian Nordic Society (visit website)
» Canadian Friends of Finland (visit website)
» Thunder Bay Finnish Canadian Historical Society (visit website)
» Finnish Canadian/Vappa Sana (visit website)
(Toronto; online)


» French Embassy (visit website)
» French Chamber of Commerce Ontario (visit website)
» French Chamber of Commerce Toronto (visit website)
» France Guide in Canada (visit website)
» L'Alliance Française d'Ottawa (visit website)
» L'Alliance Française de Toronto (visit website)
» Profiles of the Francophone and Acadian communities of Canada (visit website)


» Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany (visit website)
» Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Inc. (visit website)
(Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver)
» Goethe Institute - Ottawa (visit website)
» Goethe Institute - Toronto (visit website)
» German-Canadian History and Culture (visit website)
(online resource)
» Canadian Association of Teachers of German (visit website)
» Canadian Association of University Teachers of German (visit website)
» German Canadian-Congress (Ontario) (visit website)
» Kitchener Schwaben Club (visit website)
» Concordia Club (visit website)
» Christkindl Market (visit website)
» Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest (visit website)
» German Remembrance Society (visit website)
» Delhi German Home (visit website)
» The German Benevolent Society of Ottawa (visit website)
» The German Canadian Club Hansa (visit website)
» The German Canadian Club of London (visit website)
» German-Canadian Hunting and Fishing Club (visit website)
» Germania Club Pembroke (visit website)
» Veren Teutonia Club (visit website)
» Das Echo (visit website)
(nationwide; subscription)
» Deutsche Rundschau (visit website)
(North America; online)
» Neue Welt Online (visit website)
(Southwestern Ontario; subscription)
» The Hofbräuhaus News (visit website)
(Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec; online)
» GCNews (visit website)
(subscription service; magazines and newspapers from Germany)


» Embassy of Greece (visit website)
» Hellenic Canadian Board of Trade (visit website)
» Greek National Tourist Organization (send email)
» The Hellenic Community of Ottawa and District (visit website)
» Associations, Societies, Schools, Embassy & Community Information (visit website)
» Ottawa Greek Fest (visit website)
» Greek Community of Toronto (visit website)
» Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (visit website)
» The Hellenic Heritage Foundation (visit website)
» Hellenic Home for the Aged (visit website)
(Toronto, Scarborough)
» Pan-Macedonian Society of Ontario (visit website)
» Greek Community of Oshawa and District (visit website)
» Greekpress.ca: Greek Canadian Community News (visit website)
» Greek Reporter Canada (visit website)
(Greeks abroad; online)
» Tα Ελληνοκαναδικά Nεα - The Greek Canadian News (visit website)
» Gnome: Monthly Greek Canadian Newspaper (visit website)
(Western Canada; online)
» Hellenic Canadian News (visit website)
(Toronto; online)


» Embassy of Hungary (visit website)
» Hungarian-Canadian Business Association (visit website)
» Hungarian Studies Association of Canada (HSAC) (visit website)
» The Hungarian Presence in Canada (visit website)
(online resource)
» Hungarian Canadian Community Services (visit website)
» St. Elizabeth of Hungary Roman Catholic Church (visit website)
» Arany Janos Hungarian School in Toronto (visit website)
» Hungarian Canadian Cultural Centre (visit website)
» Kodály Folkdance Ensemble (visit website)
» Kodály Folkdance Ensemble - Facebook (visit website)
» Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre (visit website)
» Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre - Facebook (visit website)
» CanadaHun (visit website)
» Magyar Kronika: The Hungarian Presence in Canada (visit website)
» Kanadai-amerikai Magyarág (visit website)
(nationwide; subscription)
» Kalejdoszkóp: Hungarian-English Cultural Magazine (visit website)
» The New Hungarian Voice (visit website)
(Vancouver; online)


» Embassy of Ireland (visit website)
» Irish-Canada Centre for Commerce - Toronto (visit website)
» Irish-Canada Centre for Commerce - Ottawa (visit website)
» Irish Society of the National Capital Region (visit website)
» SFH Irish Dance Studio (visit website)
» Irish Canadian Cultural Centre (visit website)
» Ottawa Gaels Gaelic Football Club (visit website)
» Ottawa Irish Rugby Club (visit website)
» Rose of Tralee (visit website)
» St. Patrick's Home of Ottawa Inc. (visit website)
» The Tara Players Theatre of Ottawa (visit website)
» Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (visit website)
» Brampton Irish Centre (visit website)
» Durham Irish Association (visit website)
» Irish Choral Society (visit website)
» Irish Society of Toronto (visit website)
» Irish Cultural Society of Toronto (visit website)
» O'Connor House (visit website)
» Irish Set Dancing in Toronto (visit website)
» Celtic Dance Centre (visit website)
» Butler-Fearon-O'Connor School of Irish Dance (visit website)
» Toronto Board of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) (visit website)
» Additional Gaelic football clubs (visit website)
» Emerald Isles Senior Society (visit website)
» Canadian Celtic Arts Association (visit website)
» The Ireland Supporters Club of Mississauga (visit website)
» Irish Canadian Club of Hamilton (visit website)
» Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (visit website)
» Quinte Irish Canadian Society (visit website)
» The Gaelic Hour (visit website)
(Ottawa; online radio)
» Irish Connections Canada (visit website)
(nationwide; subscription, online)


» Embassy of Italy (visit website)
» Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario (visit website)
» Italian Canada Business Directory (visit website)
» Italian Government Tourist Board Toronto (visit website)
» Società Dante Alighieri Ottawa (visit website)
» Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Toronto (visit website)
» Italian-Canadian Community Foundation (visit website)
» Confratellanza Italo-Canadese (visit website)
» The Canadian Italian Association 50+ (visit website)
» The Association of Italian Canadian Writers (AICW) (visit website)
» Order Sons of Italy Canada (visit website)
» The Order of Italo Canadians (visit website)
» Canadian Society for Italian Studies (visit website)
» Italian Genealogy and Heraldry Society of Canada (visit website)
» National Congress of Italian Canadians (visit website)
» Italian Contemporary Film Festival (visit website)
» The Italian Canadian HandiCAPABLE Association (ICHA) (visit website)
(Windsor and district)
» Windsor Italian-Canadian Cultural Centre (visit website)
» Forza Giovani: Greater Toronto Italian Canadian Youth Organization (visit website)
» Italian Walk of Fame (visit website)
» Columbus Centre of Toronto (visit website)
» Centro Scuola e Cultura Italiana (visit website)
» Italian Week Ottawa (visit website)
» Italian Canadian Club of Guelph (visit website)
» Associazione Giovani Italo-Canadesi (AGIC) Ontario (visit website)
» The Marconi Club (visit website)
(Sault Ste. Marie)
» Canadian Italian Advocates Association (visit website)
» Mississauga Italian Canadian Benevolent Association (visit website)
» Cittadino Canadese (visit website)
(Quebec; online)
» Panoram Italia (visit website)
(Montreal—Ottawa, Toronto; online)
» Italiani.ca: The Italian Canadian Web Magazine (visit website)
(Ontario; online)
» Il Postino Canada: The Italian-Canadian Newspaper of the Ottawa Area (visit website)
(subscription; online)
» Vivo Magazine (visit website)
(nationwide; subscription, online)
» Corriere Canadese: The Canadian Italian Daily News (visit website)
(nationwide; subscription, online)
» Accenti: The Magazine with an Italian Accent (visit website)
(nationwide; online)
» La Voce (visit website)
(nationwide; online)


» Embassy of the Republic of Latvia (visit website)
» Latvia Canada Business Council (visit website)
» Baltic Federation in Canada (visit website)
» Latvian National Federation in Canada (visit website)
» Latvian National Youth Association in Canada (LNJAK) (visit website)
» Latvian Sports Association of Canada (LSAK) (visit website)
» Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre (visit website)
» The Latvian Relief Society of Canada, "Daugavas Vanagi" (visit website)
» Toronto Latvian Pensioners' Association (TLPA) (visit website)
» Toronto Latvian Society Saturday School (TLBSS) (visit website)
» Chamber Choir "Dzirksts" (Toronto) (visit website)
» The Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre children’s dance group Menestins (visit website)
» The Toronto Daugavas Vanagu Dance Group "Daugaviņa" (visit website)
» Latvian Dance Group “Dižais Dancis” (visit website)
» Sv. Andreja Draudze (visit website)
» St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Latvian Church (visit website)
» Toronto Latvian Concert Association (visit website)
» Kristus Dārzs Latvian Home (visit website)
» Latvian Christian Children's Camp Saulaine (visit website)
» Latvian's Children's Camp (visit website)
» Latvija Amerikaen (visit website)
(nationwide; subscription)


» Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania (visit website)
» Baltic Federation in Canada (visit website)
» The Lithuanian Canadian Community (visit website)
» Other Lithuanian Institutions, Organizations, Associations and Groups (visit website)
» Kanados Lietuviu Jaunimo Sajunga (visit website)
» Lithuanian Community Ottawa (visit website)
» The Lithuanian Canadian Community – Toronto Chapter (visit website)
» Užsienio lietuviu kataliku sielovada (visit website)
» Atzalynas Cultural Arts and Folk Dance Group (visit website)
» Lithuanian Children and Youth Choir Gintareliai (visit website)
» Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home (visit website)
» Toronto Lithuanian School "Maironis" (visit website)
» Aušra Sports Club (visit website)
» Anapillis Christian Community Centre (visit website)
» Lithuanian Martyrs' Church (visit website)
» Hamilton Folk Dance Group "Gyvataras" (visit website)
» Tėviškės žiburiai: "The Lights of the Homeland" (visit website)
(nationwide; subscription)


» Embassy of Luxembourg (US) (visit website)
» Chamber of Commerce Canada-Belgium-Luxembourg (visit website)


» Embassy of Malta (US) (visit website)
» Federation of Maltese Living Abroad (visit website)
» Malta Band Club (visit website)
» Melita Soccer Club (visit website)
» Malta United Society of Windsor (visit website)
» Maltese Canadian Association of the City of Hamilton (visit website)


» Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (visit website)
» Canadian Netherlands Business and Professional Association (visit website)
» The Netherlands-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (NCCC) (visit website)
» Canadian Association for the Advancement of Netherlandic Studies (visit website)
» Additional Dutch Clubs across Canada (visit website)
(De Nederlandse Courant)
» The Dutch Canadian Society of London and District (visit website)
» Dutch Treat (visit website)
» Dutch Canadian Association (visit website)
(Ottawa Valley/Outaouais)
» Canadian Tulip Festival (visit website)
» Canada Netherlands Friendship Association (visit website)
» Kumpulana (visit website)
» Ottawa Harmony Singers (visit website)
» The Ottawa Carleton Male Choir (visit website)
» De Nederlandse School Ottawa (visit website)
» The Netherlands Lucheon Club (NLC) (visit website)
» Holland Christian Homes (visit website)
» Netherlands Bazaar (visit website)
» Home Niemeyer Imports (visit website)
» Go Green Go Dutch Go Bike (visit website)
» Dutch Community Calendar (visit website)
» Maandblad de Krant (visit website)
(North America; subscription)
» Dutch, the magazine (visit website)
(North America; subscription)
» De Nederlandse Courant (visit website)
(Ontario; subscription)
» De Postbode (visit website)
(Ottawa Valley/Outaousis; e-newsletter)
» Dutch Touch Radio (visit website)


» Embassy of the Republic of Poland (visit website)
» Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce in Toronto (visit website)
» Polish Heritage in Canada (visit website)
(online resource)
» Canadian Polish Congress (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Millennium Fund (visit website)
» Association of Polish Engineers in Canada (visit website)
» Polish Heritage Foundation of Canada (visit website)
» Polish National Alliance of Canada (visit website)
» Polish Scouting Association in Canada (visit website)
» The Polish-Canadian Women's Federation (visit website)
» The Polish Combatants' Association in Canada (visit website)
» Polish Teachers Association of Canada (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Congress Kitchener District (visit website)
» Polish School Kitchener (visit website)
» White and Red Sailing Club (visit website)
» Polonia Alliance of Waterloo Region (visit website)
» Polish Eagles Soccer Club (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Congress London Branch (visit website)
» White Eagles Soccer Club (visit website)
» Polish National Association (visit website)
» Polski Klub Dyskusyjny (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Congress Mississauga Branch (visit website)
» John Paul II Polish-Canadian Cultural Centre (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Congress Ottawa (visit website)
» Polish Institute "Kaszuby" (visit website)
» Theatre Club of Ottawa (visit website)
» The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in Canada, Ottawa Branch (visit website)
» The Wilno Heritage Society (visit website)
» St. Hyacinth R. C. Polish Church (visit website)
» The Wiktor Podoski Polish School of Ottawa (visit website)
» White Eagles Sports Club (visit website)
» Canadian Polish Congress - Toronto District (visit website)
» The Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundation of Canada (visit website)
» Polish Students Association of Canada (PISK) (visit website)
» Polish Students' Society of the University of Ottawa (visit website)
» University of Toronto Polish Students' Association (visit website)
» Silni Waira Goniec (visit website)
(nationwide; online)
» Panorama Polska (visit website)
» Gazeta Gazeta (visit website)
(Ontario; online)
» Zycie: Canadian Polish Weekly (visit website)
(Ontario; online)
» Truck 'N' Roll: Polish-Canadian Trucking Magazine (visit website)
» OMNITV (visit website)
» Polish Studio TV (visit website)
» Radio Polonia (visit website)
(Toronto; online)
» Additional media (visit website)


» Embassy of Portugal (visit website)
» Federation of Portuguese Canadian Business and Professionals (visit website)
» The Portuguese Canadians (visit website)
» Alliance of Portuguese Clubs & Associations of Ontario (ACAPO) (visit website)
» A Casa dos Açores do Ontario (visit website)
» The First Portuguese Canadian Cultural Centre (FPCCC) (visit website)
» Rancho Folclorico "Os Camponeses" de Toronto (visit website)
» University of Toronto Portuguese Association (visit website)
» Northern Portugal Cultural Centre (visit website)
» Portuguese Cultural Centre of Mississauga (visit website)
» ABC: Portuguese Canadian Newspaper (visit website)
(Ontario; online)
» Voice: Portuguese Canadian Newspaper (visit website)
(Southern Ontario; online)
» Portuguese Sun: Canadian Portuguese Newspaper (visit website)
(Toronto; online)
» Portuguese in Manitoba: A Community Website (visit website)
» The Portuguese Canadians - Ontario (visit website)


» Embassy of Romania (visit website)
» Department for Romanians Abroad (visit website)
(Romanian government)
» Romanian Association of Canada (visit website)
» Asociatia Romano-Canadiana din Ottawa-Gatineau (ARCOG) (visit website)
» Holy Cross Romanian Orthodox Parish (visit website)
» Biserica Sfantul Stefan Cel Mare (visit website)
» Biserica Ortodoxa "Sfintii Marturisitori din Transilvania" (visit website)
» Parohia Ortodoxa Romana Invierea Domnului (visit website)
» Campul Romanesc (visit website)
» Consulate General of Romania, Toronto (visit website)
» Biserica Baptista Toronto (visit website)
» Sf. Dumitru (visit website)
» Manastirea Ortodoxa Sfanta Cruce (visit website)
» Saint George Romanian Orthodox Church of Toronto (visit website)
» Biserica Ortodoxa Sf. Prooroc Ilie Tesviteanul (visit website)
» Parohia Ortodoxa Toti Sfantii (visit website)
» Parohia Ortodoxa (visit website)
» ACASA (visit website)
(Ontario; online)
» Agenda Romaneasca (visit website)
(Ontario; online)
» Ziarul Impact din Montreal (visit website)
(Quebec; online)
» ZigZag Român-Canadian (visit website)
(Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa; online)
» Observatorul (visit website)
(Toronto; online)


» Embassy of the Slovak Republic (visit website)
» Czech and Slovak Association of Canada (visit website)
» Masaryk Memorial Institute (visit website)
» Kanadsky Slovak: The Canadian Slovak (visit website)
(nationwide; subscription, e-newspaper) [also check communities on this]
» Nový Domov: The New Homeland (visit website)
(Toronto; online)
» Satellite: Czechoslovak Bi-weekly (visit website)
(Toronto; online)


» Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia (visit website)
» Canadian Slovenian Congress (visit website)
» Canadian Slovenian Historical Society (visit website)
» Slovenian Community in Canada (visit website)
(Embassy in Ottawa)
» Slovenian Cultural Association: Sava Club (visit website)
» St. Gregory the Great Slovenian Church (visit website)
» Slovenski Park (visit website)
» Bled Planica Social Club (visit website)
(Stoney Creek)
» Slovenian Summer Camp (visit website)
» Holiday Gardens: Private Slovenian Country Club (visit website)
» Planica Hunting and Fishing Club (visit website)
(Hastings County)
» Windsor Slovenian Cultural Club “Zvon” (visit website)
» Dom Lipa: Slovenian Linden Foundation (visit website)
» Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (visit website)
» Glasilo Magazine (visit website)
(nationwide; online) [last issue 2011]


» Embassy of Spain (visit website)
» Spain.info Canada (visit website)
» Centre for Spanish-Speaking Peoples (visit website)
» Halton-Peel Hispanic Association (visit website)


» Embassy of Sweden (visit website)
» The Swedish Canadian Chamber of Commerce (visit website)
» Canadian Nordic Society (visit website)
» Swedish Culture in Canada (visit website)
(Swedish Embassy)
» Swedish & Scandinavian Organizations (visit website)
(Swedish Embassy)
» The Swedish Club in Ottawa (visit website)
» The Swedish School in Ottawa (visit website)
» The Swedish School of Toronto (visit website)
» Swedish Lutheran Church in Toronto (visit website)
» Swedish School Halton (visit website)
» Swedish School Waterloo (visit website)
» Swedish Press (visit website)
(North America; online)

United Kingdom

» British High Commission (visit website)
» Brits in Canada: Directory of British-Canadian Businesses (visit website)
» The British Council in Canada (visit website)
(Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto)
» Clans And Scottish Societies Of Canada (visit website)
» United Council of Scots in Atlantic Canada (UCSAC) (visit website)
» Football Supporters Club (visit website)
» Irish Dancing (visit website)
» Scottish Clans and Societies (visit website)
» Welsh Societies (visit website)
» The Ottawa British Meetup Group (visit website)
» The Toronto Expat Brit Meetup Group (visit website)
» St. George’s Society of Toronto (visit website)
» Brit Club Toronto (visit website)
» Brit Club Ottawa (visit website)
» The British Canadian (visit website)
(BC, Ontario, Alberta; subscription)
» Union Jack News (visit website)
(nationwide; online, subscription)
» The Scottish Banner (visit website)
(nationwide; subscription from Scotland)


» Embassy of the Republic of Croatia (visit website)
» Canadian Croatian Congress (visit website)
» The Croatian National Soccer Federation of Canada & U.S.A. (visit website)
» Croatian Canadian Folklore Federation West (CCFFW) (visit website)
» Canadian Croatian Folklore Federation East (visit website)
» Croatian Sports and Community Centre of Hamilton, Inc. (visit website)
» Croatian National Home (visit website)
» Hrvatski Nacionalni Nogometni Klub "Croatia" Mississauga (visit website)
» Roman Catholic Church of Croatian Martyrs (visit website)
» Croatian-Canadian Library and Cultural Society (visit website)
» Hrvatski Nacionalni Nogometni Klub "Croatia" Toronto (visit website)
» Our Lady Queen of Croatia Parish (visit website)
» Holy Trinity Croatian Roman Catholic Church (visit website)
» Hrvatski Nacionalni Nogometni Klub "Dalmacija" Streetsville (visit website)
» Hrvatski Nacionalni Klub "Hrvat" St. Catharines (visit website)
» Croatian Radio in Canada (visit website)
(Embassy of Croatia)
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